Hey everyone. Julie Wright is in some serious need for commissions so she can get her teeth fixed! So in a way, these are emergency commissions. Currently I am offering Sticker, OTPins and Sketch comishes though I am flexible if you’d like to get something different (background, more then two characters, etc). 

Getting in contact with me:

I am more then happy to correspond with you over tumblr, though it might be easier for you to email me at: trydain@gmail.com

My do’s and don’ts:

I like challenging myself as an artist so don’t be afraid to approach me with something unique. However, I am not a furry artist (There are plenty of other people out there that are ALOT better then me at it) so don’t ask me to do those.

Reproduction of art:

All artwork I make is for personal use only (Unless otherwise discussed). This means that whatever I make for you is only for you and should not be reprinted, resold or replicated for any economic purposes.

Acceptable forms of payment:

My buttons and stickers go through Etsy which will allow you to use paypal and your credit card. For my sketches I accept paypal (trydain@gmail.com)

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    I’m still trying to figure out what I want to have done..(I’d love another sketch commission since the first one I got...
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    i dunno why i’m signal boosting this since julie is prejudiced against ducks
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    Help a girl out for a good cause and damn good art (because hot damn we’d want beautiful chompers too).
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